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Zac Vale is the founder of In And Out Breathwork. Sharing his enthusiasm for Breathwork to help people manage and overcome chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and to increase energy and performance. ​ In 2018, Zac was bed-ridden and prescribed a cocktail of prescription drugs to help fight chronic pain due to a severe back injury. After spending thousands of dollars on medical bills and waiting over a year for surgery, Zac was desperate for an alternative route. Zac found his answer in breathwork. ​ Zac works with adults and children to address dysfunctional breathing. He also offers 1:1, private group sessions and regular workshops. ​ Breathwork has completely transformed his life, and he's now dedicating his to transforming others. ​ Zac is certified in Oxygen Advantage and the Wim Hof Method. He is based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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Jo is passionate about supporting people to become aware connected, compassionate, and powerful, and advocates for people, animals, and the natural environment Equine assisted learning facilitator Yoga and meditation teacher Cathartic release practitioner Teacher aid.


Lisa’s practice is underpinned by two fundamental beliefs, that is, firstly that we all have within us a drive towards wholeness and the secondly that everyone has an innate (sometimes hidden) self-knowledge and therefore we are all the best experts on ourselves. Lisa’s therapeutic approach is client centred, holistic and strengths-based and she provides a safe space for clients to listen to their inner wisdom while being guided and supported within a strong therapeutic relationship. Prior to retraining in counselling, Lisa worked in education for thirty years including working in schools, aid and development projects, and within universities in Australia, Canada, the Pacific, South East Asia and the Balkans. Lisa’s diverse and cross cultural background provides a strong professional foundation for her counselling practice.

Elemental - Back to Basics
Elemental - Back to Basics
13 May 2023, 8:00 am – 11:00 am AEST
245 Middle Creek Rd, Federal QLD 4568, Australia



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