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- Location provided at time of booking. 


Where clinically appropriate some services may be delivered by telehealth (phone or videolink)

- Some rebate options can apply for certain services or individual circumstances 


Where clinically necessary some services may be delivered in a client's home or at another offsite location such as a school, support office, or residential facility.

For people living in rural and remote areas that are under serviced, neuropsychological assessments can be administered partially via telehealth, and partially face-to-face, provided that travel for the clinician can be funded. Travel fees may be distributed across several clients if the assessments are coordinated to be administered during a single trip. 

- In 2024 we are looking to continue outreach trips after a successful run of trips in 2022 and 2023. If you are an individual, health professional, support person or other interested in Jess completing an outreach trip to your destination please submit an enquiry on the contact us page. We are actively looking into trips to Western Australia, rural QLD and NSW and more. 

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